SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE Group show at NULUBAZ Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curated by Hagai Lurie. Opening Reception: August 15 - September 7, 2019

ALTERNATIVE NATION Group show at ZUZU Gallery, Emek Hefer, Israel, Curated by Rotem Ritov. Opening Reception: August 3 - September 21, 2019

NATURE OF WONDER Solo show at ZAZ10TS, Times Square, New York, Curated by Tzili Charney. Opening Reception and talk: June 13, 2019

UNFOLDING, Solo show at The Yard — Columbus Circle, New York, Curated by Sarah Crown,. On View: January 23, 2019 — May 27, 2019

HOW THINGS WORK, Solo show at NULUBAZ Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curated by Nogah Davidson, November 15 - December 8, 2018

HEADLINES, Solo show by Shony Rivnay, Curated by Naomi Lev,  SPRING/BREAK Art Show, March 6 - 12, 2018

ABSTRACT MIND, Group Show, CICA Museum, February 16 - March 4,  2018